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Hamilton Ontario Bioidentical Hormones Specialist Kristina Janicas, N.P. of Integrated Functional Medicine, uses advanced anti-aging protocols, such as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to increase vitality and improve the overall quality of life. Kristina Janicas, N.P. endeavors to listen to patient’s needs and concerns, while really taking the time to evaluate lifestyle factors, social habits, stress levels, environmental factors, and hormonal balance. After taking all of a patient’s history and current health factors into consideration Kristina Janicas, N.P., will develop a customized treatment plan to suit the individual. At the Hamilton Ontario Bioidentical Hormone based clinic, patients can feel confident that they will receive comprehensive care in a warm and caring environment, and Kristina Janicas, N.P., will use only the most effective treatment protocols to help patients recover their health and wellness.

Kristina Janicas, N.P. uses bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to prevent the effects of aging and age related diseases, while improving overall health and wellness. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has changed the way that men and women age, and it is an evidence-based regenerative and preventative medicine. Because hormones control and regulate several bodily functions, a loss of vital hormones can lead to several age related diseases, which may include hypertension, diabetes, high triglycerides, heart disease, sexual dysfunction, thyroid imbalances, uterine fibroids, prostate enlargement, and endometriosis. Regulating vital hormones can help men and women to prevent these diseases and reverse other age related symptoms that often accompany male and female hormone decline. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has been able to help men and women regenerate youthfulness and recover their vitality.

Integrated Functional Medicine offers clients an individualized plan of care. The initial assessment of the patient’s health and medical history is completed upon intake with our nurse practitioner who will address the patient’s concerns in developing an informed plan of action. A comprehensive review of one’s hormonal imbalances, nutrient depletion and psychological health is examined.

Cognitive behavior therapy and dialectical behavior therapy can be an adjunct to the treatment of problematic health concerns by the nurse practitioner. Lifestyle management is essential to ensure that the patient is successful with the proposed treatment. Specialized options offered include medications, compounded pharmaceuticals and/ or natural creams, nutrient treatments and behavioral therapy. In addition, our nurse practitioner collaborates with the patient’s physician(s) and/or health care practitioners, i.e. Naturopathic doctor, physiotherapists to ensure appropriate patient management.

What is Bioidentical Hormones Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (“BHRT”) is the term commonly used to describe the treatment of hormone deficiencies brought on by aging, by replacing them with hormone molecules that are identical to the hormones produced naturally within the human body.

Hormones are responsible for controlling the delicate biochemical balance in our bodies. They move our bodies through each phase of our lives, from infancy through puberty, reproduction, and old age. They prepare our bodies to fight, to flee, and to mate, and they are responsible for many of our daily mood swings and hunger pangs. Hormones are produced by our cells in very small quantities, and trace amounts can have significant effects.

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