About Kristina Janicas N.P. of Integrated Functional Medicine

Kristina Janicas, N.P.
Kristina Janicas, N.P.

At Integrated Functional Medicine, our mission is to restore, heal and transform our patients.

Our philosophy is as much about healing one’s body and mind as we are about disease prevention. We are committed to treating each patient uniquely by creating an individualized plan of care that empowers one to make positive changes in their life.

Our knowledge, professionalism and results will set us apart. Kristina Janicas RN (EC), MN is a licensed nurse practitioner. As a nurse practitioner she can diagnose and treat illness, order tests and prescribe medications. Kristina believes the balance of the mind, body and spirit is essential for good health.

What sets Kristina apart as a nurse practitioner is her experience. She is now completing her fellowship with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (“A4M”), which supplements her practice of anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine. She has a thorough understanding of hormone replacement therapy, sexual health therapy and disease prevention and management.

Her extensive experience and training includes specialized psychotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy*, narrative therapy and cognitive behavior therapy aiding in the treatment of those with post-traumatic stress disorder, psychiatric disorders and chronic pain.

Kristina has been published in the Ontario Journal for Developmental Disabilities regarding the use of exercise in the treatment of individuals with an intellectual and developmental disability. She has experience and formal training in traditional Chinese acupuncture and personal training.

Her past experiences include the role of a psychiatric nurse, infection control practitioner, an occupational health nurse for an acute care hospital, clinical instructor, clinical trial coordinator and patient care coordinator.

* Dialectical Behavior therapy is a form of psychotherapy that targets changing problematic behavior such as self- harm, addictions or suicidal thoughts by increasing their emotional regulation. The focus of this form of therapy is concentrating on skills training and empowering the patient to recognize the triggers to their maladaptive behaviors while also increasing positive coping strategies

Kristina Janicas also specializes in Platelet Plasma Injections (PRP)

PRP is used to treat a variety of conditions including:

  • hair loss
  • ligament tears
  • tendonitis
  • bursitis
  • tennis elbow
  • golfer’s elbow
  • partially torn or strained muscles
  • back and neck injuries
  • sprains
  • chronic plantar fasciitis
  • osteoarthritis in knee, shoulder, hip or spine
  • cosmetic

How Does the Treatment Work?

The treatment is done in our office. A small amount of the patient’s own blood is drawn and placed into our Harvest System centrifuge and processed to separate the white blood cells from the red blood cells and platelet rich plasma. The PRP is then re-administered by injection(s) to desired area. Since PRP is essentially a concentration of your own cells, safety concerns are minimal. Platelets stimulate the healing process by releasing powerful growth factors that are responsible for the repair process in the body. Re-administering the concentrated PRP accelerates tissue and wound healing, attracts stem cells to the area of injection which , increases collagen production and stimulates repair and regeneration.

PRP injection is a stimulation of the healing response within the tissues. The healing response works over 6-8 weeks so it may be 8-12 weeks before you feel the total effects of the injection.

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