Anti-Aging Services Offered at Integrated Functional Medicine

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has enhanced the health and wellbeing of individuals who have suffered from undesirable symptoms and conditions due to hormonal imbalances and deficiencies.

An intricate balance of hormones in our body is essential to living optimally. As we age, the decline in hormones in our bodies can cause fatigue, weight gain, hot flashes, low libido, migraines, pronounced pms symptoms, heavy and painful menstruation, insomnia, anxiety, mood disturbances and acceleration in the aging and disease process.

Our fundamental approach involves assessing hormone imbalances by looking at medical history, discussing symptoms and taking saliva and/or serum level measuring progesterone, estrogen, estradiol, estrone, testosterone, DHEA and thyroid levels.

We discuss stress levels, genetic predisposition, toxins and medications that may be a contributing factor to an undesirable quality of life.

Bioidentical Hormones that are prescribed are identical in their molecular structure to the hormones that are produced in the human body but are derived from natural plant based sources, like wild yams or soy.
The required hormone supplement in the appropriate preparation using the lowest and most effective dose keeping safety at the forefront is then prescribed along with any other supplement including vitamins and minerals that may be needed.

A variety of options of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is offered including compounded topical creams, vaginal suppositories, troches (lozenges) and sublingual drops.

Sexual Issues for Women and Men

Individuals suffering from sexual issues are an important focus of the clinic. These include decreased libido, post-traumatic stress disorder, performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Causes can be hormonal imbalances, medication effects, nutrient depletion and/or psychological.

Individuals are assessed for any depletion using serum and/or saliva tests and supplemented accordingly with the lowest and most effective dose for the individual.


Noninvasive techniques are used to identify the cause of infertility. These causes may include hormonal imbalances, chronic illness such as diabetes and hypothyroidism, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and/ or psychological barriers. Working with both partners is encouraged for positive results.

Adrenal Support

Adrenal fatigue is a common manifestation in our modern day society where people are unable to relax and are placed under enormous pressures by everyday life.

Our adrenal glands protect us from the effects of stress, whether it may be psychological, emotional, physiological (metabolic), environmental and biological, the hormones secreted by our adrenals influence all physiological processes in our body.

Ones susceptibility to develop certain kinds of disease and their ability to respond to critical illness is significantly influenced by the adrenal glands. Some conditions associated with chronic stress are cancer, fatigue, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, weight gain, insomnia, PMS, Hypothyroidism, asthma, digestive disorders, infection, dermatologic disorders and hair loss.

Specialized techniques using a four point cortisol saliva test and symptomatic assessment are used to identify the hormonal imbalances and nutrient deficiencies.

Thyroid Disorders

Signs and symptoms of thyroid problems are depression, weight gain, brittle nails, cold hands and feet, cold intolerance, dry skin, constipation, rough, dry skin, swollen eyelids, poor outer eyebrow growth, irritability, poor memory, hair loss in the front and back of head, fatigue, insomnia, high cholesterol, PMS, infertility, nutritional imbalances, acne, tendency to develop allergies, hypertension, difficulty swallowing, headaches, muscle cramps and weakness, and morning stiffness. Feeling restless, nervous, emotional, irritable, sleeping poorly and ‘always on the go’, hand tremor, losing weight despite an increased appetite, palpitations, sweating, a dislike of heat and an increased thirst.
Patients can be assessed for thyroid issues with traditional serum tests and offered different options to support the thyroid gland with synthetic, desiccated porcine thyroid gland or compounded thyroid hormone. These options are tailored to the individual.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic diseases may significantly impair everyday physical and mental functions as well as reduce one’s ability to perform daily activities.

These conditions include Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular diseases (heart disease and stroke), cancer, diabetes, arthritis, back problems, asthma, and depression. Preventative and management options are discussed. These will include vitamin and mineral therapy, topical pain medications and behavior therapy.

Autoimmune Disorders

An autoimmune disorder occurs when the body’s immune system attacks and destroys healthy body tissue by mistake. There are more than eighty types of autoimmune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto’s disease, Addison’s disease, systemic lupus. Common symptoms include: fatigue, fever, general ill feeling, joint pain and rash.
Our nurse practitioner will diagnose the disorders using and treat using hormone, vitamin and antioxidant treatments as well as physical therapy.

IV Therapy

Nutrient depletions can be a significant factor in a wide range of health problems. As a result of a stressful life with a poor diet, medications we take, a decline in the foods supply’s nutrient content, and environmental pollution will are left vulnerable.
This alternative therapy provides instant benefits allowing essential nutrients to enter the blood stream intravenously.

Intravenous therapy options can include: Myer’s Cocktail (containing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants), detoxification and heavy metal removal therapy.

This aspect of treatment will benefit those suffering from migraines, chronic diseases, acute and chronic pain, malabsorption issues, exposure to environmental toxins, diabetes, cancer or patients suffering from stress (including hangovers) and chronic fatigue.

Migraine Therapy

A migraine is a throbbing, unilateral headache often associated with nausea, vomiting, photophobia, or a sensory, olfactory (smell) or audible aura occurring prior to migraine.

Factors that trigger migraines fall into several categories such as; dietary including a lack of certain nutrients, environmental, hormonal, lifestyle and medications.

Hormonal triggers which usually occur before a woman’s cycle, pregnancy and menopause will cause migraines. Balancing out hormones with Bioidentical hormones will help.

Weight loss and Lifestyle Counseling

Weight loss support and lifestyle coaching is used to achieve one’s personal goals.

Methods such as reviewing exercise routines, recommendations on current diet, detecting hormonal deficiencies and recommending supplements are offered. We also have weight loss lollipops which are a blend of metabolism boosters, vitamins and minerals.

Kristina Janicas, N.P. of Integrated Functional Medicine offers anti-aging services at her Hamilton and Niagra Falls Ontario clinics, call today to learn more and schedule you initial appointment